When Old Meets New; featuring The Everleigh

When Old Meets New; featuring The Everleigh
When old meets new: Photographed in collaboration with The Everleigh, Melbourne. Benjamin Barker’s new collection is the perfect cocktail of
classic style and modern sensibilities

July, 2017 – It was only fitting for the photoshoot for Benjamin Barker’s latest collection to be held at The Everleigh.Widely acclaimed as one of the world's best bars,
The Everleigh shares Benjamin Barker’s vision for sartorial elegance with effortless classic style, and more importantly, for outstanding craftsmanship.

Founder of The Everleigh, Michael Madrusan’s pursuit of excellence is evident in every aspect. The bartenders’ dress code - a well-pressed shirt, matched with ties, suspenders or vests - reflects his mantra that dressing well influences the way people interact with you. There is more to The Everleigh than its intimate vibe and charming service - each cocktail is a testament to the quality and attention to detail that underlies their craft and dedication to the customer.

In The Everleigh, Benjamin Barker found a soul mate. The new collection upholds the label’s dedication to quality materials and distinctive details. The fabric is sourced directly from Japan, with wooden buttons and hidden grosgrain for a subtle but defining touch. The look is sharp yet understated, adding a modern edge and character to a classic look.

For the photoshoot, the bartenders at The Everleigh embodied (literally) the excellent craftsmanship and heritage-inspired style that Benjamin Barker has become well-known for. Here, in a bar that is reminiscent of the golden era, their attire strike a fine parallel to the drinks being served. Be it a men’s suit or a classic cocktail, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are values that never go out of style.

The Everleigh, Melbourne 

Upstairs, 150-156 Gertrude St. Fitzroy,
Victoria, 3065, Australia
+61 3 9416 2229

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